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tweet reacting to study about dogs not being smart

Dog People Suspect a New Study Suggesting Dogs Are 'Not Exceptional' Was Written By Cats

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dog doggo memes funny

Pizza-Stealing Doggo Memes To Feed The Soul (26 Memes)

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cute samoyed dogs

20 Cloud Samoyed Who Will Leave A Fluffy Pawprint On Your Heart

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Way to graduate, pup

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My dog has a pink mustache

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Very Safe. Much Protect. Wow.

very safe much protect wow
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Funny dog web comics about the joy of owning a pupper doggo

These Comics Are Just Too Real For Any Dog Owner

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Well, at least one of my dogs can eat an apple.

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Fresh haircut

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Tumblr post calls out fake service dogs for creating real problems for people with actual disabilities that need them.

Fake Service Dogs Called Out For Creating Real Problems For People That Have Disabilities

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The hunny jar is empty again. Oh bother!

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Even after 8 years, Bandet is still the saddest puppy ever when she gets a bath.

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Funny and cute dog memes, cover photo is news report of Pope Francis saying dogs can go to heaven.

30+ Doggo Memes That Will Leave You Feeling Warm And Fuzzy

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Wet dogs

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Puppy vs Baby


Super Cozy Dozy

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