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20 Dogs That Challenged The Wind (pics + Gifs)

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Hiking is hard

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She Thought the View Was Pretty, but I Thought She Was Prettier

happy does has the best view
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Say Cheez

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When You Realize Your Human Made You a Tiny Blueberry Pancake

when you realize your human made you a tiny blueberry pancake
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Watch out for "The Drooler"

watch out for the drooler
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dachshund halloween Video vine - 83280897

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund Wants to Suck Your Blood

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Just Hanging Out

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The door won't let sleeping dogs lie.

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Fact: Wolves Love Watermelon

fact wolves love watermelon
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Dog: Wanna be friends? :D Cat: :T

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Cute Puppies

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Husky Refuses to Stop Snuggling Her Human


He Thinks He's People

dog thinks hes people
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Grilled Dogs

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