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russia russian grizzly bear cub cubs bears adorable cute orphan orphaned rescue rescued cuteness best birthday 30 30th pet bears

Stepan the Gooberish Grizzly Bear Celebrates His 30th Birthday Alongside His Adoptive Pawrents, a Pair of Risky Russians Who Found Him Orphaned in the Woods as a Cub

**Googles: “what is the lifespan of a grizzly bear"**
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21 pictures of animals | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Insect' and 'Cat'

January Wrap Up: This Month's Top Pics That Made Us Go "Awwwwwwww"

It was a cute month!
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30 pictures of dogs | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Building' and 'Flooring - 4'

When Dogs Go Snooping: The Art of Sticking Your Nose in People's Business (30 Pictures)

The name's Dog - James Dog.
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video of man helping koala cross the street | thumbnail image of man helping koala cross the street

Man Patiently Helps Koala Cross a Busy Highway (Video)

A good samaritan indeed
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42 animal memes | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Bird - Why is this duck the incarnation of wholesome' and 'Cat - "How did you find religion?" Egyptians: THAT'S ONE FUCKING NICE KITTY RIGHT THERE. reddit'

Saturday Safari of Silly: The Internet's Animal Kingdom of Memes Unleashed (40+ memes)

It's been a ruff week
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11 dog tweets | thumbnail image of new broadcasting shiba inu tweet

Silly & Random Dog Tweets We Found On The Interwebs Today

Ruff ruff, doggo tweets
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25 pictures of goats in trees | Thumbnail includes one picture including 'Sky - AL' and one comment including 'Font - The goat equivalent to gym bros'

Goats Going For Gold: Goats In Morocco Climb Trees, Have Balancing Competitions, And The Results Are Spectacular

"Moroccan Goat Warrior" - the next hit reality competition show
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giant akita dog mix is adorable frightened by a tiny cat, turns into a scared puppy

Large 80-Pound Akita Dog Adorably Turns Into a Frightened Puppy While Meeting a Tiny Cat for the First Time

Why is it always the biggest dogs that are the scardiest cats?
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dog memes bad dogs treats reward meme funny funniest of the week adorable lol relatable being bad rebellious anarchy witty wittiest

Bad Dog: 20+ Rebellious Dog Memes for Witty Canines During Their Deepest, Darkest Moments (January 28, 2023)

Can my dog tell how long I've been gone?
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32 pictures of dogs | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Dog' and 'Dog - MIRANDA THIT ملات FE'

32 Tales of Canine Tragedy: The New Sibling Chronicles

One word: Therapy
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4 pictures of fish and 11 comments | Thumbnail includes 1 picture including 'Organism - PET FISH COMMITTED CREDIT CARD FRAUD ON OWNER USING A NINTENDO SWITCH' and three comments including 'Font - gi.acca Im convinced Japan isn't real', 'Font - tunaonwhitenocrust what a sentence', and 'Font - reneta.gancheva I say sue the fish'

Unbelievable Fish Phishing Scam Accomplished When Pet Fish Commits Credit Card Fraud Using Owner's Nintendo Switch

The picture says it all
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1 video of animals | Thumbnail includes one pictures including 'Outside Goose Dog FUNNY ANIMALS LIFE''

January Wrap Up: Funniest Animal Videos This Month Thanks To Some Random Guy On The Internet

Friday night plans - check
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53 animal memes | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Jaw - *Wild animals just tryna bang* National Geographic:' and 'Dog - Drunk @drunk When you come home at 2 am and your dogs like U lit Following 8:45 PM - 30 Oct 2017 NEGRE 800'

A Hefty Dump of 50+ Hilarious Animal Memes That Are Weekend Ready

Physically, we're here. Mentally...that's another story.
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15 pictures of dogs and two comments | Thumbnail includes two pictures including

This Hmong Puppy Is The Derpiest Dog You Didn't Know About - You Can Thank Us Later (17 Pictures)

Brb going to Vietnam to get one of these puppies
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13 images of animals photobombing pictures | thumbnail left giraffe photobombing man and woman, thumbnail right small animal photobomb

Attention Seeking Animals Swoop In Front Of The Camera In Epic Photobomb Fashion, Hilarity Ensues

Hooligans, cute picture though
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photography nature german tanja brandt owl owls rescue dog dogs doggo mallinois shepherd adorable cutest unlikely animal friendships friendship

Nature Photographer Captures the Wholesome Friendship Between a Snarky Owl and a Google-Eyed Mallinois Doggo

Their dynamic duo name would totally be "M-owl-inois"
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