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The More You Know!

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The Stripes are Confusing!

confusing stripes zebras - 7768059392
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No? I'm at the End...Just Like This Visit to the Zoo...Sheesh!

alphabet Babies crying scared zebras - 7960608256

You Know Exactly How This Happened

baby i have no idea zebras legs donkeys - 6986552320
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He Puts Up With So Much

pain fat annoying climbing lazy zebras giraffes - 6891213056
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Old Black and White Horror Movies

zombie brains pun black and white zebras - 6800124928
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Where'd You Say You Were From?

captions disguise hunting lion suspicious water zebras - 6517315840
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Zebra Juvenile Delinquents

desert running zebras - 6233600512
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Parenting 101 for Animals

brother busy gorillas moms mothers day nintendo ds parenting turn video games zebras - 6123758592
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