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Serene Whales Spotted Keeping a Paddle Boarder Company

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Being Born is Exhausting!

Babies mom whales - 8263103488
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I Bet You Can't Even Go That Deep

scuba not impressed whales funny - 8186521344
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He's a Blubber Expert!

blubber whales rude - 8131926528
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They Really Wail

puns Music whales - 8123331840
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This is Why Whales Can't Trust People...

comics whales funny - 8089698560
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That's Killer!

orcas cute whales funny - 8063796224
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He's a Real Blow Hole

comics bullies funny whales - 7933181696
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And we Think we Have THEM Figured Out...

penguins beach whales - 7909780224
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That's a Really Strong Handshake!

handshake scuba diver whales - 7847476480
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I Can Be Kitteh?

kitteh meow whales jumping - 6766347520
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Ert's an Ohrcer!

captions derp Ermahgerd killer whale killer whales orca seal seals whales yelling - 6352920064
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Nobody Would Blame You

best of the week captions Hall of Fame language orca scared seal seals startled surprise swearing whales - 6354729728
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Beam Me Up, Scotty!

floating Star Trek water whales - 5918803456
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