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22 pictures, memes, and tweets of dogs being weird | Thumbnail includes a picture of a French bulldog sleeping on a couch with its feet up and a picture of a dark brown pitbull sitting on a carpet like a human

Weekly Dose Of Doggo Delight: 22 Wonderful Doggos Prove That The Weirder The Dog The Better

Derp merp lerp
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this week's collection of pictures that are worth more than 1000 words | thumbnail includes two pictures including a girl with a banjo sitting next to a dog and a guy swooning at a cat in a bar

Animal Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (20 images)

When words aren't enough...
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posts about cats on catnip thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat covered in catnip doing a blep 'Catnip induced blep u/denrae-' and another of a shocked cat holding someone's arm 'Teefies on some kinda super catnip u/TomieTomyTomi'

Cats On Catnip: The Madness Continues

hilariously delirious
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video of a swimming bat

Swimming Bat is Like a Graceful Trash Bag

Being able to fly wasn't good enough?
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jurassic park still but instead of dinosaurs just giant ferrets - thumbnail of cute giant ferret laying down as sam neill and laura dern tend to it funny photoshopped images

'Jurassic Park' But With Ferrets Instead Of Dinosaurs

We'd watch it
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wtf facts about animals

Fun Weird Facts You Don't Need To Know But Here

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wtf facts about sloths

18 Interesting Facts About Sloths You Probably Didn't Know

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wtf facts about monkeys

20 Crazy WTF Facts About Monkeys

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You Might Not Really Want to Know

Arnold Schwarzenegger What is happening weird horse - 8394679552
See all captions Created by worksucks

How Do the Humans Stick to the Ceiling?

sloths weird upside down - 8386127104
See all captions Created by Chris10a

Best Wishes

goose What is happening squee weird - 8369332736
See all captions Created by signet02

Scarier Than Tigers and Sharks Combined...

scary tigers sharks Cats weird - 8288491520
See all captions Created by olmatuck

Wise Guy!

pig puns weird - 8289648640
See all captions Created by JOE-STYLE

Two Times the Terror!

sharks funny weird - 8285391872
See all captions Created by karlkat

Well You Can't Expect it to Walk Around Barefoot!

leash ducks funny weird - 8277783296
Via mental breeze

What Snail?

snails interview weird - 8277785600
Via sideshowcollectors
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