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27 photos of doggos before and after they've had a mud bath | Thumbnail includes two pictures of a fluffy white dog in mud, on the second photo the mud makes the dog look like he's wearing pants high heels

27 Good Doggos Take A Volcanic Mud Bath For Self-Care And Relaxation Purposes

They like to spoil themselves
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10 Reddit text images from Reddit AITA post | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is a white dog in the snow dyed blue with some type of paint, on the right is a family with a mom and two daughters playing with a model baking soda volcano, overlaid text reads "AITA for feeding my niece's cake to my dog? / Not the A-hole"

Backyard Science Project Turns Puppy's Paw Blue– Reddit Hilarity Ensues

Everyone Look Out, It's Gonna Blow!
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The Gods Clearly Were Pissed

art historic lols painting volcano - 5498553856
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Where is Neil deGrasse Tyson When You Need Him?

Neil deGrasse Tyson volcano - 5482871040
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Ugh, I'm Already Bored At This Thing

annoying facebook girl lol text text it text message volcano - 5311410432
Via Free Hermit Crabs and Facial Explosions