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'This little piggy got an ultrasound': Chonky Guinea Pig Goes to the Vet Because of a Pregnancy Scare and the Results are Adorable

Is she pregnant or is she just thicc?
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Heartwarming Treat: Annie the Deaf Senior Dog, Gets a Special Bucket List and Finds Her Forever Home

Heartwarming Treat: Annie the Deaf Senior Dog, Gets a Special Bucket List and Finds Her Forever Home (Video)

This doggo was rescued by two amazing humans, who were told she only had one month to live. Luckily, love conquered all, and 4 months later, Annie is as happy as a pup can be!
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bunny mom vows to call every single day to get the medication her rabbit needs

"Don't mess with mama!': Bunny mom vows to call vet office every day after rude receptionist refuses to refill her baby's medication

It only took her two days before the vet broke.
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22 pictures of animals with vets | thumbnail left female vet with alpaca, thumbnail right female vet with dog

Sweet Stack Of Adorable Animals Showing Love And Appreciation To Their Local Veterinarians

Absolutely awwdorable
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16 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted photos and told stories about the funny comments their vets have left on their pets' medical charts | Thumbnail includes a picture of a medical chart with a circle and an arrow drawn on it and a picture of a big black dog with white on its stomach 'From the dog's medical chart: Age: 16m Weight: 42.00 CRT: pink secs. S.JECTIVE SECTION BCS: 5.00/ 9.00 May came in for a non routine exam.'

Turns Out Vets Have A Pretty Witty Sense Of Humor: Thread Of Funny Vet Comments In Medical Charts (16 Images)

Oh they funny
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10 photos of scared dogs at the vets office | Thumbnail includes a picture of a black great dane sitting on his human's lap while waiting for their vet appointment in a lobby and a picture of a german Shepherd holding his human's hand

10 Panic-Stricken Doggos Right Before Their Vet Appointment

Hooman, you said dog park!
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10 Reddit text images from Reddit AITA post | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is a black and brown cat sitting on an air conditioner, on the right is a vet putting a shot in a doberman's leg while a vet tech holds him up by the collar, overlaid text reads "AITA for firing my vet after the way the nurse spoke to me? / Not the A-hole"

Disrespectful Nurse Forces Woman To Fire Vet While Reddit Cheers Her On

Oh No She Didn't
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19 text comments vet office interactions | thumbnail blue background "Exotic vet with my iguana. They don't make cute carriers for iguanas so she was in a large Rubbermaid bin. Person with tiny bird in case: so what do you have in there? *nervous* Me: an iguana! Bird person: sooo ummm what do they eat? Me: *knowing where this is going*. They eat fruits and veggies. They're herbivores. Bird person: *relaxing entire body* oh cool"

Pet Owners Recount Their Most Memorable Veterinarian's Office Interactions: The Funniest, Cutest And Overall Most Ridiculous Stories

What goes down at the Vet's office definitely does not stay at the Vet's office
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23 screenshots from twitter where pet owners share their expensive vet stories | Thumbnail includes a man and a german shepherd laying together 'One of us just spent $600 to find out of the other one has gas'

Hoomans Pay A Hefty Vet Bill Just To Find Out Their Pets Are Attention Seekers: A Twitter Thread

Was all that drama really necessary?
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10 text images from Reddit AITA post about girlfriend who can't understand boyfriend's dog grief | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is the meme of the crying African-American man, on the right is a sick looking black and white dog laying on a couch, overlaid text reads "AITA for telling my boyfriend he was embarrassing us when he started sobbing in the Vet clinic hallway?"

Disrespectful Girlfriend Can't Understand Dog Grief– Redditors Give Her A Piece Of Their Mind

Oh No She Didn't!
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Funny memes about veterinarians and animals | Spongebob CLIENT STARTS APPOINTMENT WITH MY BREEDER TOLD VETERINARYHUMOR IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT | Big fan this picture veterinarian showing cat fat he is.

Fourteen Veterinary Memes For The Heroes Who Care For Our Pets

Thanks you, vets and vet techs alike!
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America's Healthcare System at Work

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Rescue Raccoon

raccoon cute vet rescue - 7536048640
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An Dey Calls Me "Fixed"

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Shocking Revelation

orangutan revelation sick vet wife - 6349822208
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