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15 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people talk about and post pictures of their dogs after a long day at the park | Thumbnail includes a picture of a german shepherd laying on his human with his tongue out and a picture of a white labrador sleeping on a couch 'Is there anything better than seeing your dogs pooped after a long day at the park'

15 Drained Doggos That Are Too Pooped To Move After A Long Day At The Dog Park

Post-workout nap time
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20 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people talk about the love of a dog being priceless | Thumbnail includes a picture of a brown dog with grey hair and a picture of a white Pitbull mix sitting on a couch 'Dogs love is priceless... I've been completely alone for two years, with only the priceless company of my beautiful girl-dog. He protects us, he cares for us, he cheers us up and teaches us about goodness.'

Dog Parents Say Dog Hair Is A Small Price To Pay In Return For Their Love And Devotion: Twitter Thread

We wouldn't have it any other way
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12 screenshots from a twitter thread about a woman who ran all over town trying to find a professional to care for an injured Kestrel | Thumbnail includes a photo of a Kestrel sitting in a box on a purple blanket 'I just spent three confusing, anxiety-riddled hours in two different police stations Because of THIS THING'

Couple Runs All Over Town From One Police Station To Another In Order To Help Save An Angry Bird

The bird: 😾
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12 lobster tweets | thumbnail image of blue lobster with tweet "Lars-Johan Larsson @LarsJohanL This blue Lobster was caught off the coast of Portland yesterday and returned to the water to continue to grow. Blue lobsters are one in two million. 6:08 PM Jul 3, 2022."

Twitter Thread: Ultra Rare Blue Lobster Sighting In Portland Maine

Look at that deep blue color
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25 screenshots from Twitter about dogs being ungrateful | Thumbnail includes three white dogs 'My dog, who does not pay rent or bills and is, himself, a bill, has sighed three times in the past five minutes.'

Twitter Thread: Doggos Exposed For Not Paying Bills Or Rent Yet Acting As If They Do

Hey, we have it ruff
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