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Snappy the Huggable Snapping Turtle Proves to be an 85lbs Cuddle-Machine After 31 Years With a Loving Owner

He's got that prehistoric love
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A Terrarium Full of 31 Reptile Memes for Folks Who Love Their Cold-Blooded Cuties

A scaly boi is a good boi
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26 animal pictures| Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'goat' and 'cubs'

Friday Furry Fun With 26 Charming Baby Animals For A Pawsitively Awwdorable Day

Awwdorable bundles of joy
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viral tumblr thread about a turtle that constantly wants someone to pet it even thought that's not allowed | thumbnail includes one section of a tumblr thread 'orowyrm Follow one of my favorite things about my job that i can say to people that sounds utterly ridiculous but is technically 100% true is that one of our sea turtles keeps trying to get me to commit a felony on her behalf and gets SUPER cranky when i won't do it'

Tumblr Thread: Cranky, Spoiled And Hilariously Fussy Sea Turtle Constantly Tries To Get Her Favorite Human To Commit Felonies

We don't know if we would have the strength to refuse Myrtle
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Wholesome Turtle and Lizard memes | thumbnail includes two images one of a baby Turtle raising its arm ‘AH AH AH!’ ‘STAYIN’ ALIVE, STAYING ALIVE’

Who’s More Wholesome Tiny Turtles Vs Lavish Lizards: Cute Animal Memes For Your Pre Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

Get ready for this cuteness showdown
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turtle memes | thumbnail includes two images one of a turtle with arms stretched out 'O HAI!' 'HUG?' the other image shows a snail on a turtle's back 'OMG! SLOW DOWN!'

Let These Wholesome Turtle Memes Help You Come Out Of Your Shell: Tranquil Turtle Tuesday

Ready for a turtly good time?
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List of funny turtle and tortoise memes | thumbnail includes two memes, including one of tortoise with chef hat and small cooking utensils in paws with text 'Tableware - just bought a slow cooker... tate-mcbae: I just laughed way harder at this then I should have.' and including one of turtle at the beach with text 'Nature - Quick animal fact #420 of Most turtles cannot legally buy plane tickets to Argentina'

16 Shell-arious Shenanigans - Turtle and Tortoise Memes To Shell Out With Laughter

Reptiles with caravan houses memes
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40 animal memes | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Water - I figured people had seen enough of turtles suffering on the Internet so here is a happy baby turtle exploring waters without plastic' and 'Dog - CAKE? NOPE, WE HAVEN'T SEEN ANY CAKE'

35+ Wholesome Animal Pics And Memes To Start The Weekend With A Pawsitive Vibe (April 14, 2023)

Mood-lifting, vibe-enhancing, and pawsitively delightful
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18 pictures of dogs and text and 1 video of dogs and text | Thumbnail includes four photos including 'Dog - Baby chicks', ' Dog - Hats', 'Plant - Bird baths', and 'Font - mayranichting Love the part with the... well.. every part I guess'

'How My German Shepherds Feel About Random Things': Viral Doggo Video Displays Opinionated Puppers With A Myriad Of Cute Farm Animals And Other Adorable Objects (Pictures & Video)

'If I fits, I sits' - doggo in the bird bath
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List of funny and cute turtle images and videos | thumbnail includes two images including baby turtles on a hand and a turtle eating a heart shaped strawberry.

Teenage Cute Not-Ninja Turtles: 16 Tremendously Terrific Turtley Treats For All To Enjoy (Pics And Memes)

TCNNT: influencers in a full shell, turtle power!
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Collection Of Heartwarming Pics: Fig The Tortoise Enjoys Being Pampered By His Human

Collection Of Heartwarming Pics: Fig The Tortoise Enjoys Being Pampered By His Human

Serotonin galore.
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11 pictures and 4 videos of turtles|Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'turtle and dragonfly in water' and 'sea turtle in water'

Turtely Awesome, Bro! - 16 Amazing Turtle Images & Videos That Serve As A Gentle Reminder To Slow Down

No, no, don't wait for us. We'll get there eventually!
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36 animal memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of a German Shepherd sitting on a couch smiling and a picture of a tiny turtle 'WE WERE WOLVES ONCE, WILD AND FRIENDLESS. THEN WE REALIZED YOU HAD SOFAS! It looks like he's wearing a little sombrero'

36 Funny Domesticated Pet Memes To Giggle And Relate To

Domesticated pets ftw
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27 photos of funny animals and funny animal moments | Thumbnail includes a picture of many cows licking a brown dog and a person in a blue plastic suit okaying tug or war with pandas 'BREAKING NEWS: All these cows are kissing this dog Ash Warner @Als Boy Follow Don't you love how literally almost every picture of pandas looks like chaos'

Jumbo Packed Thread Full Of Animal Goodness For Those With The Monday Blues

These shall do the trick
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Stop smiling and turn me back over, please.

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Need Bunny Slippers!

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