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This Tortoise Could Use Some Better Climbing Instruction

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This Tortoise Puts Food Before Comfort

cute tortoise gifs This Tortoise Puts Food Before Comfort
Via Heather Bjørnebo
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Don't Worry, I'll Just Let Myself In

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They Really Should Try to Separate Better

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A Gripping Slow-Speed Chase Ensues As an Angry Male Tortoise Seeks Revenge

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At 90 This Tortoise Is Leading The Waaaaay

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Swimming Lessons Are Important for All Children

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Johnson's Not Going to Be Happy When He Realizes We Disassembled His Chair

animals I Can Has Cheezburger legs tortoise wheels - 5040737280
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It Works With Donkeys

faster tortoise noms - 8438092800
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Tortoise Squadron Makes its Move

capybara war military tortoise slow - 8441073152
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Onward, Minions!

funny tortoise turtles rich - 8257593088
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The Had a Shell of a Time Catching Up to Him

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Helmets Included

Babies turtles military tortoise - 8203697152
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Slow to Learn

computers turtles technology tortoise funny - 7916401152
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You Don't Look a Day Over a Thousand...

old birthdays tortoise - 8123590144
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Their Friendship is as Solid as the Shell on His Back

friends tortoise funny weird - 8121977088
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