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Woman Finds 13 Ducklings in Her Swimming Pool, Comically Struggles to Return Them All to Their Mama

Woman Finds 13 Ducklings in Her Swimming Pool, Comically Struggles to Return Them All to Their Mama

An earnest, yet hilarious effort
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14 screenshots from a Reddit thread where someone posted a photo of their golden retriever playing dead while on a walk and asked Reddit for advice | Thumbnail includes a photo of a golden retriever laying on its back on grey pavement 'My dog won't stop playing dead on walks, what should I do?'

Doggo Won't Stop Playing Dead On Walks, Reddit Commentators Come To Investigate

Time to buy some new shoes?
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12 photos of Dachshunds enjoying their summer | Thumbnail includes a picture of a black Dachshund laying on a green and pink beach towel 'Hotdog summer'

12 Hotdoggo Dachshunds Soaking In The Summer Sun And Simply Vibing

Hotdog summer
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5 TikTok videos about a golden retriever demanding his mom to open up the pool so that he can go swimming | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a golden retriever sitting on a pool cover and a screenshot of the retriever on a pool floaty

Doggo Splishes, Splashes, Huffs, And Puffs Until His Hooman Finally Opens The Pool For The Summer Season

Hot boy summer
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Summertime Buzz

summer photoshop bees pools funny - 8277550592
Via Animal Capshunz

I Guess Adult Swim is Over

summer moose swimming pools - 8269498112
Via Bailey's Buddy

Where's My Polka Dot Bikini?

alpaca summer llamas - 8189259520
See all captions Created by Sandy_Sunball

Time to Lose that Fur Coat

deer summer - 8176224000
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I Had the Best Dream Last Night

popsicle summer koalas sunscreen - 8073993728
See all captions Created by deescazz

Sea What I Did There?

school pun summer funny - 7587291648
See all captions Created by lummox

Eh, Who am I Trying to Impress?

beach best of the week captions chimpanzee chimpanzees forgot hairy Hall of Fame realize shave summer that awkward moment - 6329320960
See all captions Created by Unknown

Very Very Soon

cat eating open over SOON squirrel summer threat window - 6201825536
See all captions Created by alikitteh

What, You've Never Seen a Melted Cat Before?

cheetah Hall of Fame summer tree - 6271371264
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Judgemental Sea Lion Thinks You Should Share

beach food friend nom ocean sea lion seal share summer water - 5975986688
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The Pay Aint Bad, Though

beach bird computer flamingo ocean pose screen summer sun water - 5937919232
See all captions Created by bittern