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9 text images from Reddit thread on AITA about someone stealing a dog and one picture of the dog | thumbnail features said dog, a brown big breed mutt in a photo on the left, and on the right side is a text screenshot from the post, overlaid text reads "AITA for suing a girl who stole my dog because she though I was mistreating him? / Not the A-hole"

Fake Good Samaritan Steals Dog– Reddit Convinces Victim Not To Feel Bad For Suing

How Dare She?
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You Wouldn't Do That, Right?

Sad gone stolen stump panda bears - 5771779072
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Please Don't be Mad

ashamed stolen cute hamsters cookies - 7297163264
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stolen suck seagull funny - 7586347776
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And What Would They Do With It

Sad stolen bears panda stump - 6970251520
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This Ought to Drive the Conspiracy-Theory Nuts CRAZY

cat confused conspiracy litter box poop shocked stealing stolen wtf - 5386186496
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