Animal Comedy


23 pictures of pigs and comments | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Snow' and 'Grass' and three comments including 'Font - A Wooly hammoth!', 'Font - Shog', and 'Font - Peep'

The Floofiest Pig In All of History - The Mangalica Pig With A Permanent Perm That Looks Like A Sheep But Acts Like A Dog (23 Images)

The permanent perm is what sealed the deal for us
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20 photos of dogs that love to be the center of attention | Thumbnail includes a picture of a man standing on one knee and proposing to a woman while their dog sits on its back paws and does a stand stance, also a picture of three seniors posing for a photo and a big white husky photobombing them

20 Narcissistic Doggos That Need To Be In The Spotlight At All Times

Doggos make the world go round
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