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10 text images from post on Reddit's Am I The Asshole subreddit about a girl who is allergic to dogs that come into her office | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is a white woman with blonde hair close up to the camera with a green background while she blows her nose into a white tissue, on the right is a bulldog wearing a shirt and tie, overlaid text reads "Not the A-hole / AITA for refusing to work from home, so now people can no longer bring their dogs to the office"

Reddit Hilariously Defends Allergic Girl From Her Mean Boss And Some Poor Office Puppies

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Allergies Got You Down?

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What Springtime Means for Many of Us

allergies bears sneeze spring - 8156905216
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It's That Time of Year Again

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Bless You!

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Wait, No!

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Can't Hold This Much Longer

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It Happens at the Worst Times

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No Wonder I Keep Sneezing!

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