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cutest chihuahua goes viral for having her own little dog hammock

Attention Everybody: 'Chihuahua Hammock!' Extra Smol Adorable Chihuahua Goes Viral for Having Her Very Own Tiny Hammock

Maybe we're going out on a limb here, but we're pretty sure that this happy swinging tiny dog is most likely the cure to depression.
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13 animal baby pictures | thumbnail three panels side by side rat, panda, llama baby

Daily Squee: Series of Adorable Baby Animals Looking Cute As Buttons In All Of Their Wholesome Glory

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Hermes the small chihuahua gives an Oscar-worthy howl when he needs attention

Oscar-Worthy Chihuahua Named Hermes Dramatically Howls and Shivers Whenever He Doesn't Get Enough Attention

“Do you wanna know how my dog is an actor?”
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wholesome pink-dog-puppy dog training tiny special-needs-animal cute inspiring deaf dog itty bitty smol viral-dog blind dog piglet-the-pup - 1697031

Piglet the Deaf and Blind Pink Lil Pup Inspires Everyone on the Internet With His Big Leaps Into the Unknown

This itty bitty cutie isn't afraid of anything!
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23 pictures of baby animals | thumbnail left baby elephant, thumbnail right baby giraffe

Adorable Animal Babies For That Extra Dose Of Wholesome Goodness You Didn't Know You Needed

Smol, yet so so cute
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12 images of very tiny animals | thumbnail left and right tiny animals on fingertips

Smol Series Of Tiny Animals That Fit Perfectly On A Fingertip

Extra smol
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14 photos of rat hands and rats holding things | Thumbnail includes a photo of a rat holding a human finger and a photo of a rat showing its hand to the camera 'When my daughter's rat, "Wasabi Bobby", is nervous or in a new situation, he holds her hand for comfort. Talk to the little grabbie'

14 Photos Of Precious Lil Rat Hands And Grabbies

Smol and dainty
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17 photos of funny chihuahuas | thumbnail includes two photos of funny chihuahuas sticking their tongues out 'chihuahua supremacy'

22 Drunk Doggo Chihuahuas Living Out Their Tiny Teacup Fantasies

Living their best lives
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12 photos of tiny dogs | Thumbnail includes new born puppies laying on a carpet with red lighting 'Masquerading as Chicken Nuggets'

A Smol Batch Of Silly: Top 12 Illegally Smol Criminals Of The Week (May 11, 2022)

We're pretty sure it's against the law to be this smol
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16 photos of tiny dogs | Thumbnail includes a tiny dog sleeping on a red background and a small grey and white puppy

Smol And Silly: Top 13 Illegally Criminal Doggos Of The Week

Smol and smoler
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16 photos of small and silly dogs | Thumbnail includes two photos of a mini dachshund laying and sitting on grass 'Local little criminal'

Smol And Silly: The Tiniest Doggos Of The Week (April 27, 2022)

Good things come in smol and silly packages
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17 photos and videos of tiny dogs sourced from Reddit | Thumbnail includes three pictures of a small brown dog 'smol and silly'

Smol And Silly: The Tiniest Doggos Of The Week (April 20, 2022)

Tiny, smol, and illegal
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