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Space Sloth Capshun Contest

astronaut caption contest outer space sloth space - 5849541888

But, I'll Take It!

best of the week box Hall of Fame sloth this-isnt-my tree - 5842971904
See all captions Created by Gaeri7

I Want to Be a Part of This Group Hug!!

adorable hug sloth sloths - 5842352128
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I'll Have to Call Him Right Back!!

animals hello hello this is dog phone phone call sloth telephone this is dog - 5676200448
Via reddit


animals awww friends hug human i like you sloth - 5658026240
Via I Raff, I Ruse

Everyone Loves a Good Box

animals box chillin sloth - 5317099008
See all captions Created by Kaldarith_Evil

I Can't Convince You Otherwise?

animals nope sloth thanks - 5273042688
See all captions Created by lovelysausage

Gotta light, mate?

carrot sloth - 7746736896
See all captions Created by SpikeDawg


boo sloth funny - 7438453504

Don't worry, Brah. I'll get to the other side in no time.

dont worry road slow sloth - 6702163200
See all captions Created by Zikachu

Sociopath Sloth

evil kill murder sloth whisper - 5936087296
See all captions Created by kattsyn

Space Sloth Capshun Contest 2nd Runner Up!

astronaut caption contest sloth space sloth - 5868753408
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