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12 photos of tiny dogs | Thumbnail includes new born puppies laying on a carpet with red lighting 'Masquerading as Chicken Nuggets'

A Smol Batch Of Silly: Top 12 Illegally Smol Criminals Of The Week (May 11, 2022)

We're pretty sure it's against the law to be this smol
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Owl Be Out In A Minute

animals Owl tree sleeping - 8401103872
See all captions Created by Mike-in-Wichita
cute sleeping Video - 71329793

Newborn Goat Climbs Sleeping Dog

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It Goes on the Internet or Something Too...

cute birds computer warmer sleeping - 8240619264
Via Dump a Day

Snack Time and Nap Time Can Coincide

cute food rats sleeping - 8430809856
Via Basil and Dawson

Nap Time Follows Every Meal

pony cute sleeping horse - 8402381824
Via heyredditheyreddit

Myth Debunked

cute sleeping wolf - 8368973824
See all captions Created by echeg5

Frosted Flake

breakfast tiger Cats sleeping - 8355153152
See all captions Created by penelopesdad

Stay Still Human

baby animal chipmunk cute squee sleeping - 8328126208
See all captions Created by Unknown

It Calms Me Down

eagles freedom sleeping - 8237907200
Via scoopnest

Counting You Guys has Lost its Effect

scary sheep sleeping - 8224598784
Via secadero

Sleep Tight-ly Wedged Between Your Hamster Wheel...

hamsters uncomfortable sleeping weird - 8169634816
Via Dump a Day

Defining Creepily Cute

cute darkness bats sleeping - 7965680896
Created by Unknown

They Just Keep Going and Going and Going...

bunnies cute break sleeping - 7902686208
See all captions Created by puppyluv313

Coke Has Some Insidious Marketing Tactics

want polar bears sleeping coca cola - 7110193664
Created by alisaorrdaisy

They See Me Nappin', They Hatin'

jealous sloths sleeping - 7017947136
See all captions Created by hanschka
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