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Phin, the Mentally Disabled Shark, Fails To Be Scary, But Has the Time of His Life in a Home Aquarium and is Now Hilariously Famous on TikTok

He wouldn’t make it in the wild
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Funny memes about marine biology | Biology teacher are laughing at? Is my biology class funny Biology class rim flappe on bongfish is mated bungus its fuccbone scrotewad is only present on females above 69 | sharks according media and pop culture imma do swim sharks real life blub blub

Fifteen Marine Biology Memes For Science-y People

Marine biologists need love too!
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That Really Hurt

captions sharks funny - 8540891904
See all captions Created by Chris10a
sharks funny Video - 72584705

Hi Mom!

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Scarier Than Tigers and Sharks Combined...

scary tigers sharks Cats weird - 8288491520
See all captions Created by olmatuck

You Might Not be Happy About Finally Catching "The Big One"

Meme of a shark smiling at the camera with a speech bubble saying 'be careful what you wish for' implying the 'big fish' wish.
See all captions Created by TrippingKitty

Two Times the Terror!

sharks funny weird - 8285391872
See all captions Created by karlkat

I'm Telling My Dad!

tiny sharks funny - 8284827648
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Gil Sharply is Live at the Scene of the Attack

news sharks TV funny - 8281249792
Via The Name's Ponyboy

That's One Bad Shark!

cool sharks scuba - 7466460928
See all captions Created by penelopesdad

When Paper Doesn't Dissolve in Water

Office sharks work - 8223446528
See all captions Created by Unknown

Friendly Neighbors?

funny neighbors sharks - 8202853120
See all captions Created by ToolBee

You've Got Beef With the Wrong Animal

sharks animals cows - 8202449152

Nobody Trusts Anyone These Days

attack help funny sharks - 8198634496
Via Humor Train

Every Fish's Best Friend

funny sharks smile - 7927822336
Created by _meowmers_ ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Leave a Good Woman and You'll Have to Fend Off the Sharks

penguins sharks metaphor dating - 8160844032
See all captions Created by echeg5
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