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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "Here in Hawaii, we have the Hawaiian Monk Seal which is one the most endangered seal species in the world. Whenever one of these chonky babies wants to sunbathe on the shore, the DLNR (department of land and natural resources) will post up a rope and signs with a 10-15 foot radius around the seal as it's technically illegal to get close to this endangered species and you can get fined."

Tourists Get Unreasonably Offended When Local Hawaiian Tells Them To Back TF Away From Endangered Seals

Back tf up
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Budget Cuts

funny animal image of otter with water gun
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seals shark Video - 73649409

This Seal Bumped Into The Shark That Was After Him With a Risky Evasive Maneuver

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Maybe a Tin Foil Hat Would Help in This Case

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He'll Move on to Something Else in a Few Hours

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Proof that Seals are the Dogs of the Sea

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Don't Worry Scientists

antarctica puns seals - 8327026688
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The Seals are a Whole Different Breed

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Did You do That on Porpoise?

funny narwhal impressions seals - 8258781440
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This Joke Has a Seal of Approval

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Playing in the Sand is Serious

cute sand seals - 8224662784
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Icebergs are Really Slow

annoying cars iceberg seals slow - 8220435968
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That's His Impression of a Barnacle

glass impression seals - 8198647040
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I Said Excuse Me!

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Their Standards are Pretty Low

couch puns seals - 8167035904
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The Glacier is Long...

Music seals blubber puns - 8110935552
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