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16 dog memes about dog parenting being a serious job | Thumbnail includes a picture of a dog coming out of a dog house that has AC in it and a picture of a man in the subway with a big white bag and a husky inside 'StickStickly @350zadrian Yooooo!! My dad put an AC unit, and insulated Roush's dog house! Caption My Memes @MemeEssentials E Dads be like "I don't want a dog" then go out and do stuff like this for them NYC Subway: You can't bring dogs unless they fit in a bag. Dog Owners:'

16 Funny Doggo Memes For People Who Take Dog Parenting Very Seriously

It's one heck of a job
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24 puppy memes that new puppy parents will relate to | Thumbnail includes a picture of a black lab puppy sitting in a white basket and a picture of a golden lab laying in a hole he dug up 'SILENCE IS GOLDEN UNLESS YOU HAVE A PUPPY... THEN SILENCE IS SUSPICIOUS. VERY, VERY SUSPICIOUS. sleep doggy, you earned it All tuckered out from digging'

Rebellious Puppy Memes For New Puppy Parents To Relate To (24 Memes)

We're all in this together
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20 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people share photos of their cute dogs that have 0 responsibilities | Thumbnail includes a picture of a golden colored dog laying around in grass 'with great cuteness. comes no responsibility'

Doggos Know That Cuteness Comes With No Responsibilities So They Use It To Their Advantage

They get what they want
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