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russia russian grizzly bear cub cubs bears adorable cute orphan orphaned rescue rescued cuteness best birthday 30 30th pet bears

Stepan the Gooberish Grizzly Bear Celebrates His 30th Birthday Alongside His Adoptive Pawrents, a Pair of Risky Russians Who Found Him Orphaned in the Woods as a Cub

**Googles: “what is the lifespan of a grizzly bear"**
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joe dirt raccoon rescue raccoons southern man georgia railroad rail inspector random acts of kindness hero heroic heroics raccoon video adorable critters cute tiktok viral

'There's the rest of his nut hair!': Heroic railroad inspector saves an unlucky raccoon, frozen to the tracks by his private parts in subzero temperatures

This story has some serious Joe Dirt energy
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22 pictures of dogs and comments | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Dog - K Frame @KristenFrame1. Jan 16 Replying to @AngelaDHillis Welcome little friend. I was just adopted, too.', 'Glasses - O Friends call me @gfaller6 - 17h Replying to @AngelaDHillis Lexi, meet Lexi ...', and 'Dog - Angie @AngelaDHillis I would like everyone to meet the newest member of our family. This is Lexi. She's a rescue pup, and she's a fluffy bundle of sweetness. We are so excited! #dogsoftwitter #dogsa'

Wholesome Twitter Thread Of Puppy Introductions Is A Pawsome Cure For A Ruff Day (22 Pictures)

So many rescue puppers looking so happy
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A Youtube video about a rescued dog that's lived on the streets for more than 8 years | Thumbnail includes a picture of a grey and skinny stray dog, thumbnail also includes a picture of a man kissing the same dog on the beach

Inspiring Rescue Story Of How A Dog That's Been On The Streets For Over 8 Years Finally Gets A Taste Of The Good Life (Video)

She finally got her happily ever after 🥺
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video of people rescuing an anteater who got stuck on some power lines | thumbnail includes two pictures of an anteater stuck on power lines

An Amazing Rescue Of An Anteater Who Got Stuck On A Dangerous Power Lines (Video)

An amazing rescue done by amazing people.
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32 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people shared photos of their adopted cats and dogs that were rescued off the streets | Thumbnail includes a picture of a man with a grey beard in a red sweater laying in bed with an orange cat on his chest 'Nathaniel "Parody" Parkinson @np1959 Replying to @joncoopertweets Cheez It joined our home a month ago after visiting my outdoor feeding station for 6 months. He's too old for another Maine Winter and seems REALLY happy to be indoors and safe'

Heartwarming Rescue Stories Of Cats & Canines That Were Adopted Right Off The Street: Twitter Thread

Goodbye streets hello forever home
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squirrel, rescue, rescue animals, adorable, blind, handicapped, rodents, rat, cute, heartwarming

Uno the Blind Squirrel Gets Rescued, Becoming the Most Adorable Handicapped Wildlife Ambassador of All Time

This guy is objectively bad at hiding nuts, but he really does try
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A Youtube video about a mother dog that was reunited with her 13 puppies on their first birthday | Thumbnail includes a picture of 13 multicolor puppies and a picture of three humans and two dogs sitting on grass

Momma Doggo Reunites With All 13 Of Her Puppies On Their First Birthday (Video)

So many feels 😭
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story about a camel getting rescued in the desert and driven to safety in a jeep | thumbnail includes one photo of a group of men putting a camel into a vehicle

After Encountering An Injured Camel In The Desert, Kind Samaritans Place It In Their Jeep And Drive It To Safety

A once in a lifetime story.
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cow, cows, cowboy, rancher, hurricane ian, florida, florida man, cattle, cattle farmer, farmer, farm, moo, amazing, inspiring, rescue, rescue animals, animal rescue, disaster

Brave Rancher Saves a Herd of Cows From Certain Doom in Hurricane Ian Floodwaters

Moo-ve it or lose it
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23 before and after photos of dogs after adoption | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white dog with a black spot on its eye in a cage and a picture of the same dog in the embrace of a human

Power Of Love: 23 Before And after Photos Of Adopted Doggos

Adopt, don't shop
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19 before and after photos of dogs pre and post adoption | Thumbnail includes a picture of a big brown and black dog curled up on the floor before he was adopted and a picture of the same dog; happy and healthy after adoption

Power Of Love: Doggos Pre And Post Adoption (19 Photos)

Worth more than 1000 words
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25 before and after photos of dogs that were adopted into homes | Thumbnail includes 2 pictures of a big brown and black dog, on the first picture he looks old, tired, and miserable and on the second he's smiling, happy, and youthful

Power Of Love: 25 Before And After Photos Of Doggos That Went From Straying To Staying (August 26, 2022)

They got the happily ever after they deserve
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12 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted photos and stories of their rescued dogs and how their dogs express their gratitude | Thumbnail includes a picture of a stray puppy in poor condition and a picture of the same dog but grown, healthy, and beautiful 'There's nothing sweeter than a grateful pup. This one had tears when I petted her. She was the ugliest pup there, & no one noticed her but me. I thought she was adorable. Fast forward, she was flown to a new home in the'

Appreciative Doggos Cry Happy Tears As They're Finally Rescued And Brought Home

A happy ending after all 🥺
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34 before and after photos of adopted dogs | Thumbnail includes a picture of a three-legged skinny Doberman and a picture of the same Doberman after he was adopted looking happy and healthy

Power Of Love: 34 Photos Of Doggos Before And After They Were Rescued (August 19, 2022)

Love will always win
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11 screenshots from a Reddit thread where someone talks about how their twi rescued doggos turned out to be siblings | Thumbnail includes a picture of two doggos, one of the dogs is resting its head on the others shoulder 'They made it back to each other after 3-4 years of being apart'

After 4 years Of Separation, Sibling Doggos Reunite In New Forever Home

Straight out of a movie plot
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