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27 photos of doggos before and after they've had a mud bath | Thumbnail includes two pictures of a fluffy white dog in mud, on the second photo the mud makes the dog look like he's wearing pants high heels

27 Good Doggos Take A Volcanic Mud Bath For Self-Care And Relaxation Purposes

They like to spoil themselves
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pictures of animals with smiles and calm eyes who look kind and caring thumbnail includes two pictures including a smiling kind cat and another of a smiling alpaca

Collection Of Gentle And Understanding Animals

For anyone who needs some kindness and reassurance
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I Could Get Used to This

relaxing funny frog - 7475347968
See all captions Created by fleminator1

Just Close Your Eyes

tiger relaxing beach water pond - 6611694080
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Quite Comfortable, Actually

comfortable grass happy polar bear relaxing - 6406457600
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Now For Some Well-Earned Relaxation

best of the week captions FRIDAY frog Hall of Fame relaxing slap tire weekend - 6404902912
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Wandering Lonely as a Cloud...

Flower fox fresh relaxing seasons smell spring - 5922601472
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Class Act

manicure pedicure relaxing walrus - 5339805184
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I Didn't Know They Had Gorillas in France

animals draw me french girls gorillas I Can Has Cheezburger relaxing - 5216594688
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