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21 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Font - AITA for asking my girlfriend to give away her cat?' and 'Font - After she moved in though, my allergies became severe. I started developing hives, I start coughing, and it became difficult for me to breathe. I tried seeking medical attention and nothing seemed to help. Eventually, I decided to ask my girlfriend to give away her cat. I made a list of possible people that could take her in. When I finally asked, she said'

Allergic Boyfriend Attempts To Rehome Girlfriend's Cat Without Her Permission, Internet Destroys Him In The Comments In AITA Reddit Thread

Maybe he's also allergic to conversations too
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19 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Font - AITA: Not Paying the Pet Sitter Because They Lost Our Cat', 'Font - Two days in he lost our key so I had to give him the garage code so he could get in. We got home after 4 days and the cat was nowhere to be found.' and 'Font - Here's the main part: we decided not to pay him. We need to rekey the house and he lost our cat, we feel he didn't feel that he took his responsibilities seriously. The bigger the mistake the b'

Pet Owner Hires Local Teen To Look After His Pets, Comes Home To Find His Cat Missing, Decides Not To Pay Irresponsible Teenager. AITA?

If someone lost our cat, not paying them would be the least of their worries
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22 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Font - AITA for not letting my friend bring his service dog over', 'Font - My (M39) friend (M38) recently got a service dog, its a diabetic alert dog. The issue arises in that he wants to bring it to my house when I host hangouts/parties.', and 'I told my friend that his dog wasn't welcome. I offered to pay for a monitoring device he can use while at my house, but he didn't take that offer well. He let me know he wasn't happy'

Commenters Destroy AITA Author After He Refuses To Let His Diabetic Friend Bring His Service Dog To Super Bowl Party

Service animals are not pets, period
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16 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Hair - WIBTA for not going on a family vacation because my brother wants to bring his dog' and 'Font - I'm not a dog person, I despise them on airplanes. I do not want to travel with the dog (tentatively we are on the same flight), I do not want to stay the week in the same house as the dog, I do not want activities based on being dog friendly, and I do not want the dog around my son.'

Internet Divided In New AITA Post After Man Implies That His Toddler Is More Important Than Brother's Dog And Threatens To Ruin Family Vacation Over Dog's Attendance

Dog haters are drama queens. WE SAID WHAT WE SAID
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11 text images an ode to the dumb dogs that I never appreciated | thumbnail blue background text "Everyone loves to gush how smart their dogs are. Potential dog owners dream of owning a smart dog that can learn commands on the fly and is smart as a whip. Dumb dog owners lament and diss their dog."

"An Ode To Dumb Dogs That I Never Appreciated:" An Adorably Wholesome Doggo Themed Reddit Thread

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22 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Font - AITA for screaming at my pregnant fiance for not helping find my dog, who had run off? me' and 'Font - At first I went and searched myself. After maybe a half hour I came back and asked her again to come help me and she snapped "I said no! I am so tired of chasing that dog around multiple times a week when I'm already exhausted and throwing up constantly." I was panicked and unleashed some yelling, which involved me te'

Internet Absolutely Rips Dog Owner A New One In Reddit AITA Thread Over Yelling At His Pregnant Fiancé For Not Helping Him Find His Dog That Runs Away At Least Once A Week

She lacks empathy? She's heartless???
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20 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes 5 pictures including 'Font - What's an animal that is not as dangerous as people think?', 'Plant community', 'Vertebrate', 'Human body - Neltrix 9 days ago Stingrays. They usually swim away from you. That mf that killed Steve Irwin was huge and was probably having a bad day and attacked.', and 'Font - TheClayroo 9 days ago Cheetahs. Don't run. They are skittish. They don't expect the prey not to run. No documented case of a cheetah attacking a human '

Reddit Explains 20 Animals That Are Not As Dangerous As Everyone Thinks

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!
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16 reddit text images | thumbnail "Hope this list helps anyone who is trying to find the perfect breed of dog that suits their lifestyle. Always check out your local shelter first before going to a breeder. Mutts make fantastic pets! Don't limit yourself to a purebred. Also keep in mind that a dog is a fifteen-twenty year commitment that will require vet care (shots, dentals, spay/neuter, yearly exams, medications and screenings when they get old, etc.)"

Redditor With 10+ Years Experience In Pet Care Provides Comprehensive List Of Doggo Traits For Potential New Dog Parents To Peruse

Some really valid suggestions here
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11 reddit text images  | thumbnail "The problem though is that today my sister Emma (10,F) was talking quietly to that bird. She was holding him and saying things like "You know I love you right?" and kissing him on the head while the parrot would just mimic the sound. It went on for a while and she repeated that enough that it seemed like she was looking for a response so I told her "You know he doesn't understand you right" "

Buzzkill Older Brother Doesn't Let 10-Year-Old Sister Believe That She Can Speak To Family's Pet Parrot, Animal Lovers of Reddit Put Him In His Place

Oh no he didn't
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14 reddit text images | thumbnail orange background

Emotional Support Doggo Owner Brings Dog To No Pet Housing, Surprised When Neighbor Gets Upset By Dog's Presence In Her Kids' Play Spaces

It's a tough one, for us
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14 reddit text images, thumbnail background orange text "The next day I got a call from the leasing office. A "formal complaint" had been made against myself for endangering the lives of the residents. Granny and mother alleged that Tommy was too "large" to be living in the premises and that "no matter how domesticated, a dog is a wild animal" They alleged that since Tommy was walking in the courtyard, their daughter was traumatized riding her bike there. I"

Ridiculous Neighbors Request That Golden Retriever 'Tommy' Be Constrained & Banned From Courtyard Despite Living In Dog Friendly Apartment Complex

Oh no they didn't
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16 comments and 1 picture of a cat | Thumbnail includes two images including 'Cat', 'Cat' and one comment including 'Smile - 43.2k r/cats Posted by u/hylice 2 days ago O: N 59 219 21 21 2 32 This is my cat, Chury, she's 21 years. Yesterday my girlfriend yelled: "can't wait till the day she's d**d ", for a mess with the litter. Today I packed everything and I'm ready to leave. What would you have done?'

Kitty Controversy: Viral Reddit Thread Forces Boyfriend To Choose Between Girlfriend Or Cat (17 Pictures)

What would you have done?
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10 reddit text images texting dogs | thumbnail background smiling dog with text "IncompletePenetrance 4 days ago Kryptonite the Dane That would be great. I accidentally found myself telling my dog "I'm headed to the store, text me if you need anything" the other day and realized how ridiculous it was"

Doggo Owners Unite On Wondering What It Would Be Like To Exchange Texts With Their Dogs

"Get me a snack"
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22 screenshots from a reddit thread where people discuss the tricks they regret teaching their dogs | Thumbnail includes a screenshot from a reddit thread of someone people talking about how their pets turn off their xbox 'jay_199 3d I taught my dog how to turn the Xbox on and off and now she'll turn it off if I've been on the Xbox too long, sometimes she'll turn it off in the middle of a game Reply +) 174 Illuminaera 3d My cats do this whether I want them to or not...'

Dog Owners Discuss All The Tricks They Taught Their Dogs But Desperately Wish They Hadn't: Funny Thread

We're convinced doggos are smarter than people
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14 reddit comment text images | thumbnail blue background " You can give one non-flying animal (apart from humans) the ability to fly. Which animal do you choose to maximize chaos?"  pig, penguin with wings graphics

Redditors Decide What Animal To Theoretically Give Wings To That Would Cause Maximum Chaos

The important questions
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14 screenshots from a Reddit thread where someone posted a photo of their golden retriever playing dead while on a walk and asked Reddit for advice | Thumbnail includes a photo of a golden retriever laying on its back on grey pavement 'My dog won't stop playing dead on walks, what should I do?'

Doggo Won't Stop Playing Dead On Walks, Reddit Commentators Come To Investigate

Time to buy some new shoes?
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