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15 pictures of birds and text and 1 video of birds and text | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Forehead - theyre training birds to fight trash pollution Wou vistening Site', 'Bird - birds can exchange litter for food in these feeders', and 'Font - jacobmcdonald219 He took my credit card 3w 13,828 likes Reply'

Amazing Video Shows New Idea To Combat Pollution, Training Birds To Pick Up Trash And Receive Rewards (Pictures & Video)

Or, here's an idea, we could just pick up our own trash
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22 pictures and memes of birds | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Bird' and 'Bird' and one comment inlcuding 'Font - That's so Raven!'

22 Examples Of Corvids Literally Giving Zero H*cks And It's The Energy We're Bringing To 2023

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An Intellectual Capacity Beyond Our Own

animals raven birds stupid crow - 8588471808
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Really Read Poe?

birds crows Edgar Allan Poe literature poem raven sunglasses - 5972353536
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That's What You Always Say!

raven crow complaining nevermore argument - 6590734336
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Good Advice for Some

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Quoth the raven...

Badass cool crow edgar allen poe poetry quote raven reference - 5973051648
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I'm Cutting You Off, Buddy

alcohol booze crow drink drinking drunk edgar allen poe nevermore raven - 5382846976
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