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A TikTok and 14 comments about a dog that's scared of water and has to have an umbrella held over her to go potty | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a brown lab looking out a window and a screenshot of a woman with blonde hair in a blue T-shirt holding up a big black patio umbrella over her dog so she doesn't get wet

Doggo Delight: Doggo Demands Hooman Holds An Umbrella Over Her As She Goes Potty In The Rain

Das some royal treatment
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A tiktok video of a cow that's disappointed with her mom for forgetting about her in the rain and funny comments | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a brown highland cow 'POV: Your a bad mum and forgot Daisy was out the rain'

Baby Cow Is Disappointed With Her Mom Because She Forgot To Bring Her Inside For The Rain

Disappointment is just part of life
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Nobody Likes Getting Stuck in the Rain

apes rain - 8287945216
Via EH Dome

All Cats are the Maddest When Wet...ALL Cats!

lions wet water angry rain - 8128815104
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Why do These Kittens Stink?

kitten skunks kids stink funny rain - 7997872896
Created by Unknown

That's One Prepared Piglet

piglets boots cute rain - 7831324672
See all captions Created by maconio21

Maybe "All By Myself?"

Sad Music birds insert rain - 6949070080
See all captions Created by furealz

I Crack Myself Up Sometimes

reindeer puns laughing looks like rain - 6925174016
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It Always Seems to Start Like This

birds cold bad day rain monday - 6894749440
See all captions Created by mdravon

I Was Sure it Was North

flying south birds cold mistake rain - 6890070784
See all captions Created by Heyguru

And Stop It with the Camera!

annoyed wet birds rain - 6884714240
See all captions Created by shanebc01

Owl Shower

annoyed attempt frustrated hose Owl rain shower - 6563332608
See all captions Created by GoofyGreyGirl

Science Fact

internet rain - 5572345600
Created by Unknown

The World's Most Perfect Umbrella

best of the week cover Hall of Fame huddled marilyn monroe rain statues - 5270972672
Created by Unknown

It's Funny Because Rihanna Always Sounds Like She Has a Frog in Her Throat!

animals frogs I Can Has Cheezburger lyrics rain rihanna Songs umbrella water - 5082133248
Via Epic Ponyz

Since U Left Behind, Plz 2 Clean Litterbox KTHXBAI!!

animals Cats deck I Can Has Cheezburger rain religion wood - 5071092992
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