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15 animal tweets, | thumbnail blue background "LeilaFox High-Mage LeiLei @LeilaFoxNation Replying to @PaladinAmber Animals are funny! A lady brought her parrot to the vet thinking it was dying - the vet laughed, said the only thing sick about the bird was it's sense of humor. She had been sick, so the parrot was mimicking her recent coughing/vomiting/sneezing sounds & actions...for laughs "

Animals Faking Various Illnesses And Doing Other Ridiculous Things All In Pursuit Of Attention

Silly billy drama queens and kings
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A Bauble Fit for a Queen

excited queen water drop ants - 7039809792
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I Ant Take Any More

queen lets go demanding crackers ants pregnant - 6758919168
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Her Majesty Seems a Bit Crabby

makeup queen amused lipstick crabs - 6653408256
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Big Mistake

angry bite lions mistake oops queen tail woman - 6364072960
See all captions Created by CapMan007

Queen Mantis

best of the week bicycle bikes Hall of Fame lyrics plant praying mantis queen ride Songs want - 6114000384
See all captions Created by Tomarse

Somebody Better Put You Back Into Your Place

historic lols pray praying queen - 5667942912
Created by xyzpdq1

You Don't Look Like a Fat-Bottomed Girl

cat I Can Has Cheezburger lyrics Music queen Songs - 5354302720
See all captions Created by bigbadron

She's On A Mission

Badass car driving gun queen wtf - 5131070208
See all captions Created by heartless777