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bulldog yard cute deer Video protection playing - 71173889

Watch This French Bulldog Try To Protect It's Yard From A Playful Baby Deer

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You Better Hoof it to the Top of That Donkey Rock!

cute donkey playing - 8224571392
Via srsfunny

Nay, I Cannot Stop

horses funny playing - 7775096064
See all captions Created by SPN411

Anyway, 5 More Minutes and It's My Turn!

panda horse rocking horse annoyed playing - 6580819712
See all captions Created by beernbiccies

Bwave Asplorer Kitteh Takes a Field Assignment.

cat confused lolspeak playing praying mantis - 6546311424
See all captions Created by Sylviag

Of All the Polar Bears in the World...

ballerina Fluffy help me hugging playing polar bear tea party trapped wolf - 6524554496
See all captions Created by WolfPawCreator

Aren't You Tired of That Joke Yet?

chickens football foul game joke old playing pun soccer tired - 6446680832
See all captions Created by Desilee

Ref Must Be Blind

call chickens football fowl playing puns referee soccer sports - 6443951104
See all captions Created by sixonefive72

Someone's Trying a Little Too Hard

couple dancing desert fighting foxes playing romantic tango - 6405726720
See all captions Created by mamawalker

If I Had Thumbs, You'd Be So Dead

die guinea pig playing thumbs video games zombie - 5781789440
See all captions Created by ZucoZujo

Just Let Me Do This Level

come on dad gorillas look nintendo ds playing video games - 6122976768
See all captions Created by SpikeDawg

No More Nintendo

gorillas homework kids nintendo ds parents playing school video games want - 6100617728
Via Calamity Wolf

You Don't Play Fair!

caption children duck duckling ducklings ducks friends home playing run away upset - 5865169664
See all captions Created by DonutNinja

Don't Get All Worked Up!!

animals i has a hotdog playing throw toy - 5510028544
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Has Excellent Gas Mileage, Too!

animals best of the week Hall of Fame panda panda bear play playing ride rocking horse toy - 5621170432
See all captions Created by shadowgirl564

Life on Mars Capshun Contest - The Winner!

astronaut caption contest child imagination kid life on mars outer space playing space toy rockets toys - 5521581568
Created by Unknown
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