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14 facebook images and comments, bitey t rex | thumbnail left and right images of dinosaur action figure at pizza place behind counter, with pizza, text "Domino's New Zealand is with Lance Kenneth De Castro and Ashlee Warner. June 7 at 7:00 AM . Last week, one of our stores received a worried call asking to check if 'Bitey' the T-Rex had been left in the foyer after his family had picked up pizzas that evening. Sure enough, Bitey was there! It was getting late"

'Bitey' The T Rex Gets Left Behind At New Zealand Domino's, Slings Pizzas Until His Family Can Retrieve Him

Bitey the pizza dino
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Spirit Animals Come In Many Different Forms

funny animal image of squirrel eating pizza as spirit animal
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rat pizza funny Video - 74418689

This New York City Rat Would Like His Pizza Dinner To-Go

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A Cruel Trick Human

pug pizza - 8327016704
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Pizzas Taking Pictures...That WOULD be Amazing!

lions pictures pizza zoo metaphor - 8004564992
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He Has No Time for Words

pizza om nom nom squirrels eating - 7032448512
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You Mean I Woke Up from Hibernation for Nothing?

pizza snow what do you mean bear angry - 6754406656
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I'm Fired? Yeah, I Figured as Much.

pizza squirrel eating delivery - 6693649152
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I Had to Jump From Tree to Tree but I Did It.

pizza squirrel fast delivery - 6674153216
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Would You Like Ants on That?

anteater ants bored change food hungry pepperoni pizza tired - 6560908800
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When Your Husband's An Ass

annoying ass beer donkey game husband jerk pizza refrigerator - 6498516992
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I Mean, It'll Be Here in 30 Minutes!

awful easier hard hunt ocelot pizza trouble - 6363902208
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Domino's is on the Way!

animals basset hound delicious i has a hotdog pizza - 5734375168
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Congress Knows What's Up

pepperoni pizza pizza is a vegetable vegetable - 5564865536
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It's Yours Now

cat delicious food I Can Has Cheezburger mine noms pizza - 5571837696
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Did You Look in the Mailbox?

drunk gary busey pizza roflrazzi - 5511006464
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