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viral twitter thread about a parrot that saved a two year old child from chocking | thumbnail includes one picture of a woman and a parrot and one tweet 'Morbid Knowledge @Morbidful Subscribe In 2008, a Quaker parrot named Willie alerted his owner, Megan Howard, that a toddler she was babysitting started choking on her breakfast. When 2-year-old Hannah began to turn blue, the bird squawked loudly to get Megan's attention. Then he started saying 'Mama baby' repeatedly.'

Hero Parrot Saves The Life Of A 2-Year-Old Toddler By Loudly Warning Her Babysitter That She Was Choking (Viral Twitter Thread)

Animals are amazing
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17 reddit images

First Time Parrot Parent Turns To Interwebs For Birb Care Tips And Tricks, Bird Corner Of World Wide Web Provides

Lil cutie birb
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11 pictures of birds and text | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Photograph', 'Cap - adidas RSCF', and 'Font - shattereddreamsfla Didn't think this through, didja?'

Man Attempts To Smuggle Dozens Of Parrot Eggs Through Airport Security, Only To Have Them Hatch In The Process, Could Face Up to 20 Years In Jail

He should have been eggs-tra careful
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List of funny and cute parrot images | thumbnail includes two images including a parrot ufc fighter - 'This week Me' and an African Gray Parrot.

Picturesque Parrot Party: 16 Absolutely Amazing Avian Pics And Memes That Evoke Joie De Vivre

Cockatiel cocktail bars are so hot right now.
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21 animals being random | thumbnail includes two pictures including a hedgehog with a duck hat and a dog sleeping in an impossible position

A Random Selection Of 21 Random Animals Being Random

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the Emu did it first!
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11 reddit text images  | thumbnail "The problem though is that today my sister Emma (10,F) was talking quietly to that bird. She was holding him and saying things like "You know I love you right?" and kissing him on the head while the parrot would just mimic the sound. It went on for a while and she repeated that enough that it seemed like she was looking for a response so I told her "You know he doesn't understand you right" "

Buzzkill Older Brother Doesn't Let 10-Year-Old Sister Believe That She Can Speak To Family's Pet Parrot, Animal Lovers of Reddit Put Him In His Place

Oh no he didn't
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 list of funny and fresh bird memes | thumbnail includes two memes including Bird - Choose your fighter irds to oothe the Doul XD and Happy - Posted by u/Lukewarmth 6 years ago Gentleman bird the ol' razzle dazzle.

Birb Buddy Bonanza: Feathery Memes Featuring Fantastic Flying Friends

Birbs to make you smile.
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26 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Font - AITA for prioritising my parrot over my stepdaughters wedding? Not the A-hole So I'm the owner of a wonderful rescued macaw. She is a wonderful bird but has a lot of issues due to an abusive former home. I've had her for 3 years and since then haven't taken any vacations or trips away as it would be too disruptive for her. She distrusts everyone and is very reliant on her routine. I love her deeply and I'm happy to m'

AITA?: Overprotective Parrot Lady Prioritizes Rescue Bird Above Assisting Stepdaughter in Upcoming Wedding

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parrot talks and kisses baby bird to comfort him

Sweet Parrot Named Rio Loves All Birdy Babies, Greets the Birb Family's Newest Addition with Baby Talk and Smooches

It's scary being a baby bird in a big world, but Rio helps make it a little less so.
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parrot is obsessed with Christmas snow globe decoration

Viral Birb: Cutie Parrot Goes Bananas for Festive Musical Snow Globe Just in Time for the Beginning of the Holiday Season

It was instant love at first sight for Mona the Macaw and this wintery wonderland snow globe.
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video of parrot stealing reporter's earpiece while reporting live | thumbnail image of  parrot stealing reporter's earpiece while reporting live

Sneaky Parrot Steal’s Reporter’s Earpiece While on Air As He Reports On Local Thievery (Video)

Pure irony
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hawk duck parakeet eagles birds funny-birbs bird memes scary-birds cockatiel goose Memes feathered-friends funny birds birbs penguin funny parrot pet-birds - 17829637

Funniest Memes of Cute Birdies That Prove Birds Are Actually Kind of Scary

Adorable feathered friends? More like terrifying tough guys.
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'Hi baby girl': Smooth Parrot Shows off His Expert Expert Level Flirting Game in Viral Video

'Hi baby girl': Smooth Parrot Shows off His Expert Level Flirting Skills in Viral Video

Showing us how to really woo a woman
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wholesome cockatoo parakeet bird-meowing funny-animal birds cats meow cute birdy funny birds cute bird pet bird bird green-bird animals parrot - 1624071

'Look, I am his lawyer and he is just bilingual': Bird meowing like a cat confuses everyone but induces epic cuteness

“That sounds so much like my cat it's unreal.”
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10 Reddit text images from Reddit AITA post | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is a senior chocolate Labrador retriever dog, and on the right is an African Grey Parrot stretching its wings, overlaid text reads "AITA for not paying the pet sitter the amount we agreed to / Not the A-hole"

Pet Sitter Blows Off Work, Has Audacity To Get Mad When She Isn't Paid

Those Poor Animals Were Practically Abandoned
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Pet Store Employees Cannot Stop Laughing at the Things This Parrot Bird Says to Them While They're Trying to Groom Another Bird

Pet Store Employees Cannot Stop Laughing at the Things This Parrot Says to Them While They're Trying to Groom Another Bird

Lil bird dude is just trying to have a good time with his new friends.
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