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An Abundant Bounty Of Bird Memes For The Aves Enthusiasts In The Crowd

Some love to and from our feathered friends
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hawk duck parakeet eagles birds funny-birbs bird memes scary-birds cockatiel goose Memes feathered-friends funny birds birbs penguin funny parrot pet-birds - 17829637

Funniest Memes of Cute Birdies That Prove Birds Are Actually Kind of Scary

Adorable feathered friends? More like terrifying tough guys.
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wholesome cockatoo parakeet bird-meowing funny-animal birds cats meow cute birdy funny birds cute bird pet bird bird green-bird animals parrot - 1624071

'Look, I am his lawyer and he is just bilingual': Bird meowing like a cat confuses everyone but induces epic cuteness

“That sounds so much like my cat it's unreal.”
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parakeet birds halloween funny - 8581768448
See all captions Created by signet02

Basement Budgie

parakeet master birds budgie - 8482758912
See all captions Created by DJAussie

Despicable Tweet

cat parakeet tweet funny - 7595883264
See all captions Created by djcat595

Which Came First?

parakeet candy corn birds eating coloring - 6652878592
See all captions Created by welol

I Always Suspected

poop parakeet candy corn made - 6649319680
See all captions Created by foxe

Can We Stuff it Back In?

parakeet bird cat expression bag - 6586196480
See all captions Created by HaseoATC

Right Colors, Wrong Shape

parakeet candy corn confused colors categoryvoting-page - 6586906368
See all captions Created by elizabuff

Gimme Some Skin

bird cat high five kitten parakeet skin small three - 6572181248
See all captions Created by jooli

Don't Disrespect the Pole

listening parakeet quiet shhh speaking - 6554653952

And It's Angry!

clean kitten lady parakeet - 6547126784
See all captions Created by 4dagreaterPUD

No Parakeet Displays of Affection!

birds get a room kissing love parakeet PDA tree - 6031359488
See all captions Created by Anita_in_VA

And This One Doesn't Limit Himself to Pigs

angry birds bird games hungry parakeet phone seeds - 6016668672
See all captions Created by BigDaddyZebracakes

Yeah, I hate college gigs, too

annoyed band bird budgie drums Music parakeet play - 5973670656
See all captions Created by Greencliff