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Whoa! What is Going on With Those Pigeons!

birds mind blown owls pigeons - 8235673600
Created by AngelAndz

That and the Next Jim Henson Movie

Fluffy owls - 7499904768
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As Long as it's Night Time

doom funny owls - 7502813184
See all captions Created by CompassSauce

Sarcastic Owl Doesn't Care

birds sarcasm poop owls - 8223276800
See all captions Created by olmatuck

Only Meant for Drinking at Night

coffee owls - 8185479424
Via zwgman

Hoo Will Let Me Copy Really Quick?

homework puns owls - 8182424832
See all captions Created by lololol

Wait...Look at That Tree Over There!

Babies cute excited owls trees - 8171665664
Created by AngelAndz

He'll Sneak Right Up on You

funny puns owls - 8170257920
See all captions Created by Fauxpaws

HOO Knew You Were a Double Threat?

puns sing owls dance - 8152014848
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Nice Try

spring nope owls - 8124358912
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Hoo Else Would Have?

puns cute owls - 8104002560
See all captions Created by violetD

Some Pickup Lines Work for ANY Species

pickup lines KISS puns owls - 8093451008
See all captions Created by JimPrice

What's HIs Name?! Hoo is it?!

owls confused shocked funny - 7995421696
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Just Slide Us the Tootsie Pops and Nobody Gets Hurt

funny owls - 8034478848

My Shift is Over...

bed birds cute owls sleep - 8026035456

Who Needs A Kicker When You Have This Guy!

puns owls - 8027190272
See all captions Created by heyman