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20 pictures of chubby animals | Thumbnail includes a picture of a light brown hamster eating cookies and a picture of a chubby seal

20 Chubby Baby Animals Serving A Little Extra Roundness And Floof

Must. pet. all. animals.
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video of otters reacting to seeing falling snow for the first time | thumbnail includes two pictures including an otter looking at a snowball and an otter clasping its hands together

Otters See Falling Snow For The First Time And Bring Snowballs To Play With Inside (Video)

Yup, it's cold outside, and even otters have to deal with it.
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12 pictures of adorable Otters | Thumbnail includes a close up picture of an otter's nose and a picture of a cute chubby otter sitting like a sad human

12 Adorable Otters Whose Cuteness Is Otter This World

So cute it hurts
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15 screenshots from a reddit thread about an otter holding a stick | Thumbnail includes a photo of an otter holding himself up by holding a stick 'Yer an otter Harry Gandotter You really ought'r listen to the wise one.'

Otterly Adorable Otter Supports Himself With A Stick, Reddit Chimes In With South Park Puns

Otters, the time has come!
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photography otters otter - 9345603072
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Go hug someone else!

cute funny otter teddy bear personal space - 8446880256
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vine cute otter - 116487

Baby Otter Just Wants to Hold Hands

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I Had First Dibs!

fishing otter funny - 8551727872
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cute otter Video - 72935425

This Otter Pup is Fresh From His Nap and Ready to Explore

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Life Can Be a Beach!

puns otter funny captions - 8539565056
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gifs cute otter - 71902209

Brain Freeze!

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T.G.I.F-Everything Else, I'm Ready To Relax

animals thank you otter weekend - 8502472704
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aquarium cute otter Video rescue - 71592961

Two Orphaned Baby Otters Have A Ridiculously Cute Surprise Playdate Together

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Why Would I Suggest Otter-wise!?

animals pun water otter - 8495301632
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Where? Behind Me?!!

animals cute stupid otter - 8491810560
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Scheming Otter's Plans Fall Into Place

best of the week evil Hall of Fame hands otter plan smile - 6023112192
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