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viral twitter thread and video about 13 whales that got stuck in ice then the internet made memes about them | thumbnail includes two pictures and two tweets including whales stuck in ice 'BNO BNO News NEWS @BNONews JUST IN: At least 13 killer whales are trapped in ice in northern Japan. Officials are unable to launch a rescue operation - NHK Credit: Wildlife Pro LLC From News Now 24 5:56 AM Feb 6, 2024 36.4M Views . Subscribe 0:00/1:00 K 71' and Dave Franko meme 'Tinkered Thinking'

13 Orcas Get Trapped In The Ice In Japan With Officials Unable To Rescue Them, The Internet Makes It Into A Meme (Don’t Worry, The Whales Are Okay)

Happy ending and some memes equals perfection
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Who you callin' fat?

animals killer whale funny animals orca - 8571767040
Created by Greencliff
whale cute Video orca rescue - 104711

Volunteers Kept This Stranded Orca Alive Until She Could Escape at High Tide

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Sometimes You Just Have to Jump for Joy Because You're a Killer Whale

funny orca image Sometimes You Just Have to Jump for Joy Because You're a Killer Whale
Via Clint Rivers

Orca-strating a Trap

labrador orca trick whale - 8354327296
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The Orcan Space Program is Off to a Slow Start

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hover puns Gravity orca - 8119665408
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Totally Killer

pen Gravity funny orca - 7565730816

We Espect A Killer Performintz Tonite

pun killer whales funny orca - 7460604416
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Ert's an Ohrcer!

captions derp Ermahgerd killer whale killer whales orca seal seals whales yelling - 6352920064
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Nobody Would Blame You

best of the week captions Hall of Fame language orca scared seal seals startled surprise swearing whales - 6354729728
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boat Video orca - 74421505

An Orca Gets Dangerously Close to the Boat It's Chasing

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