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A funny Tumblr thread about how insane octopi are | tilthat TIL Marine biologists are claiming there is rare instance non-human warfare happening between octopuses waters off coast Australia octopuses are fighting large groups over territory and even using projectiles such as seashells spit at enemies. via pain-and-missouri Octopi are intense bransrath prefer octopedes celticpyro ÔÇťAnimals don't go war because they're cinnamon rolls unlike ebil humans uwu" Check-fucking-mate Linda,

Tumblr Thread: Octopuses Are Clever Brain Lords

Awesome and pretty terrifying.
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Funny memes about marine biology | Biology teacher are laughing at? Is my biology class funny Biology class rim flappe on bongfish is mated bungus its fuccbone scrotewad is only present on females above 69 | sharks according media and pop culture imma do swim sharks real life blub blub

Fifteen Marine Biology Memes For Science-y People

Marine biologists need love too!
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Twitter thread where woman reviews the accuracy of different emojis including sharks and scientists

Woman Meticulously Reviews Shark Emojis On Twitter For Their Accuracy

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diving ocean science Video - 74856961

Amazing, Rare Footage of an Extra Large Sunfish Off the Coast of Portugal

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whale ocean Video - 74710017

A Giant Grey Whale Decided to Pal Around With Some Surfers

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squid ocean octopus science Video - 74188289

Find Out How Color Changing Animals Like Cuttlefish and Squid Work Their Magic

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Udderly Amazing

cow moo moving ocean puns Staring water - 6253996800
See all captions Created by Razuli
diving ocean swimming fish Video win beautiful - 70592513

Watching This Guy Swim Through A Million Fish Is More Soothing Than Any Ocean Screensaver

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Nice One, Shark!

bro high five ocean shark water yeah - 6017896704
See all captions Created by jelmore49

You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can't Make Him Swim

beach horses hover waves ocean water jo38ma3 - 7968614400
Created by Unknown

Another Gulf Disaster Waiting To Happen

dolphin ocean swimming - 7778578432
Created by Unknown

And It's Getting Warmer!

guilty ocean peed seals warm - 6556500224
See all captions Created by DJAussie

I Appear to Be Stuck

elephant faceplant falling help ocean stuck water wave - 6198517504
See all captions Created by pollyme2

The Smaller One Always Loses

dolphin ocean whale - 5781768448
See all captions Created by AkiNoHoshi9

He Waddles to His Own Beat

beach dance dancing no ocean penguin penguins - 5782999552
See all captions Created by Taika_Larkin

Bow to the Tortoise

Deal With It ocean right sea turtles tortoise turtle turtles - 6247848448
See all captions Created by witwolvin
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