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A TikTok video and 12 comments about a dog with selective hearing | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of the back of a brown pitbull with his ears down

Doggo Uses Every Single One Of His 18 Ear Muscles To Ignore His Hooman Calling His Name

It's called selective hearing, Becca
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Go Ahead and Try to Take Roger's Teddy

kangaroo holds teddy bar funny animal videos
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No, He Must be Wrong.

birds personal trainer muscles too much legs working out - 6977315584
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I'm HUGE, Huh?

aardvark big clothes muscles strong working out - 6556494592
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Like What You See?

gorilla muscles working out you like - 6305237248
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Captain All-American Beefcake

actors captain america chris evans hot men muscles roflrazzi sexy - 5202409728
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Have I Been Working Out? No... Just Buying a Lot of Milk.

groceries muscles strong - 5178366464
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