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Spicy awkward animal memes | thumbnail includes two images one image shows two kangaroos and a dog all in the same body position ‘Very rare black kangaroo’ the other image shows a donkey next to a camel that has a child’s head in its mouth ‘Your child is being eaten by a camel. Do you a) save your child or b) take a photo.’

Spicy Flavor Filled Awkward Awnimal Memes To Warm Your Hooman Soul This Monday

The perfect addition to steaming hot coffee
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Wholesome dog memes | thumbnail includes two images one of a cat jumping on a dog ‘my love and affection’ ‘ you’ the other image shows a dog deep in the snow ‘Alex Hirsch’ @_AlexHirsch’ ‘Say it aint so,’ ‘I will not go,’ ‘turn the lights off’ ‘41 Strange @41Strange 16h’ ‘Corgis in snow’

These Woofs Deserve An Extra Wholesome Wag Of The Tail For These Paws-itive Puppy Monday Memes

Puppy Pawsitivity Mondays
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Wholesome monday animal memes | thumbnail includes two images one of a dog ‘First day on the job’ the other of two birds holding a stick in flight ‘Rob N Roll’ ‘@thegallowboob’ ‘branch manager and his assistant branch manager’

Cute And Wholesome Awnimal Buddy Memes To Help You Start The Week On The Right Paw

Let’s get this week rollin’
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Spicy monkey memes | thumbnail includes two images one of a monkey smiling ‘if this lucky photo reaches your timeline, everything will be ok’ the other image is of a monkey with sunglasses ‘He has found peace’

Mischievous Monkey Mondays: Wholesome And Spicy Memes From Our Ape Cousins To Prepare For A Week Of Mischief

Mondays are for monkeying around
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Hilarious Hodgepodge of 34 Animal Memes to Help Cure a Bad Case of the Mondays

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Spicy funny animal memes | thumbnail includes two images one of two lizards hugging ‘FRANK’ ‘FRANK MAN, YOU’RE ALIVE’ ‘I JUST…’ ‘I SAW THIS HANDBAG MAN’ ‘IT LOOKED JUST LIKE YOU.’ ‘OH FRANK, I’M SO RELIEVED’ the other image is of a cat with a bear in the background ‘“SANDRA CAN YOU OPEN THE DOOR WE KINDA GOT A SITUATION OUT HERE”’

Saucy And Spicy Funny Animal Memes To Start This Week With A Well-Seasoned Kick

Get your napkins ready, this is a feast
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