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10 Reddit text images from Reddit AITA post | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is a white dog in the snow dyed blue with some type of paint, on the right is a family with a mom and two daughters playing with a model baking soda volcano, overlaid text reads "AITA for feeding my niece's cake to my dog? / Not the A-hole"

Backyard Science Project Turns Puppy's Paw Blue– Reddit Hilarity Ensues

Everyone Look Out, It's Gonna Blow!
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8 text message screenshots, random animals | thumbnail two panels, mystery animals cute looking "I'm so gullible"

Animals My Mom Sends Me: Fake or Real? Neither Of Us Can Tell

Thanks mom, appreciate it
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5 images and 5 embedded videos from TikTok about a woman saving her pet goose from an eagle | thumbnail features three side by side images, on the left is a picture from Instagram of the mother and her baby both wearing tan and pink, in the middle is a screenshot from the video of the attack, on the right is a picture from Instagram of Franky the goose

Breastfeeding Super Mom Saves Pet Goose From Bald Eagle Attack

Super Mom To The Rescue!
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11 reddit text images, comparing pet ownership to parenthood | thumbnail blue background "watch his dog for that amount of time. Can't take his dog to a kennel because she doesn't have all of her shots, she also refuses to use the restroom outdoors, she's not a puppy) During the same convo he says to me "oh my goodness I can't wait to get back to her, it's so crazy being a parent. All the sacrifices we have to make go unappreciated...""

Delusional Dude Compares Having A Puppy To His Sister's Experience As A Parent (Of Human Children)

In what world is he living in
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10 reddit text images, puppy debacle | thumbnail blue background "I (f19) and partner ( m20) are expecting a baby girl in early May. We are currently working on moving to a different apartment and the property allows pets. My partner and I are both dog people and love animals  I've told him I WILL NOT BE CARING FOR THE DOG IF HE DECIDES TO BRING IT HOME. He tried to reassure" me by saying. " All you'd have to do is keep the dog alive while im at work" ( he works 10-12 hours a day)"

Delusional Dude Can Not Respect His Pregnant Girlfriend's Wishes Not To Adopt A Puppy After The Birth Of Their Child

Somebody give this guy a slap in the reality button
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story about a cat mom bringing her kittens to meet the woman who helped her and saved them thumbnail includes one picture of a black cat and her six kittens 5 of them black and the other light

Stray Cat Brings Her Kittens To Their Human Savior

The babies would have died if not for the help of the woman
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My Greatest Inspiration Is the Work of Claude Moneeeeiiighhhhh

animals art emo hair horses I Can Has Cheezburger mom - 5257009664
Created by Unknown

Moms Face the Same Issues No Matter What

headache baby animals rhino kids mom - 8479712256
See all captions Created by worksucks

Being Born is Exhausting!

Babies mom whales - 8263103488
Via izismile

I'm Going Back to My Yarn

annoyed dinner mom Cats - 8221668352
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That's it! I'm Getting My Own Den!

surprised tigers mom funny - 8166207232
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Heel, Boy!

horses mom funny - 8046888960
Created by Unknown

That's Why They Have Built-In Snorkels

Babies elephants mom funny - 8026043648
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The Highest Level Photobomb

baby cute cubs polar bears mom photo bomb - 7916534528
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Can I Have Gazelle Flavor with Sprinkles?

lions ice cream mom funny - 7905050624
See all captions Created by Booboo22

Mom! I'm Too Tall for This!

school mom giraffes - 7873401088
Created by Unknown
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