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19 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes two photos including 'Font - AITA for unionizing my (26M) dogs against my boyfriend (30M)?' and 'Font - He came home yesterday and found his favorite pair of his socks decimated all over the living room and was furious that I didn’t stop them. I told him they were the socks he stuffed in the couch yesterday and he should have put them in the hamper. He stormed off to his office and is not talking to me. AITA?'

Boyfriend Trains His Doggos To Tear Up Piggish Partner's Dirty Socks That He Stuffs In The Couch In New AITA, Redditors Eat Up The Petty Drama

This is the kind of petty drama we live for
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20 memes and videos of animals making a mess their owners had to clean up | thumbnail includes two images the  left image shows a white paw poking through a hole in the wall the right image shows a seagull swooping in to a table and knocking over a glass of red wine

That Sheep Has Sailed: 20 Times Animals Caused Messes Their Hoomans Were Not Happy To Clean Up

What not to leave on the kitchen counter before you leave the house for the day.
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19 pictures of dogs next to messes they made | thumbnail left dog next to empty pizza box, thumbnail right dog with empty treat bag

Good Boys And Girls Caught Red Pawed During Moments Of Naughtiness And Rebellion

Much behavior, very poised
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camera lion messy ruined sneeze - 6247660032
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Pretty Much

car garbage garbage can gross messy random guy vehicle - 5658072576
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You Two are Clearly Springs

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