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10 text images from post on Reddit's Am I The Asshole subreddit about a girl who is allergic to dogs that come into her office | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is a white woman with blonde hair close up to the camera with a green background while she blows her nose into a white tissue, on the right is a bulldog wearing a shirt and tie, overlaid text reads "Not the A-hole / AITA for refusing to work from home, so now people can no longer bring their dogs to the office"

Reddit Hilariously Defends Allergic Girl From Her Mean Boss And Some Poor Office Puppies

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10 Reddit text images from the Am I The Asshole subreddit | thumbnail features two images, the left image is a golden retriever guide dog sitting while wearing a red vest, the right image is a man on the right who is blind and walking with a cane being led by a woman who is standing on the left, overlaid text reads "AITA for applying for a guide dog against my girlfriend's wishes / Not the A-hole"

Visually Impaired Redditor Needs Advice About Uncaring Girlfriend– Internet Hilarity Ensues

I Can Not See, I Am Legally Blind
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Chompy Has a Mean Sense of Humor...

laugh mean horses funny - 8001258240
Created by Unknown

Heading For a Fresh Start

hope birds penguins leaving comfort mean - 6658349824
See all captions Created by cataff

...Why Are You Laughing?

cute laughing lizard mean tiny - 6541878528
See all captions Created by mollyjb200

Let's Start With Your Love Life

condescending laughing love mean Owl owls please problems - 6091455232
See all captions Created by bronzedbooks

Instant Karma

bounce eye hit karma kids laugh laughing mean Owl rock - 6059538176
See all captions Created by Delta1998

Kids These Days

best of the week goat goats Hall of Fame jerks kids mean puns raspberry Sad spit tongue out tongues - 6034307328
See all captions Created by worksucks

Hedgie Love

angry cute grumpy hedgehog hug love mean - 6000819456
Created by Unknown

How Rude!

insults mean middle finger monkeys rude - 5919772928
See all captions Created by BOZMAN54

What Other Reason Do You Have to Do Anything?!

caption lol mean monkey monkeys ouch punch punching slap smack - 5841356800
See all captions Created by ManChildOriginal

Nothing, Nothing! Just Admiring the Day!

angry kid mean - 5427954688
See all captions Created by CarrieMK

Love Is in the Air

airplanes historic lols mean murder no - 5217031168
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animals Cats drunk I Can Has Cheezburger insults mean phones - 5185312768
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The Rest of Us Will Have to Sleep Under Your Pillow, I Guess...

animals gross I Can Has Cheezburger mean misunderstood spiders wife - 5230614016
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You Are the Worst Boyfriend I've Ever Had

animals butt Cats closets clothing fat I Can Has Cheezburger indecisive mean - 5180533504
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