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12 lobster tweets | thumbnail image of blue lobster with tweet "Lars-Johan Larsson @LarsJohanL This blue Lobster was caught off the coast of Portland yesterday and returned to the water to continue to grow. Blue lobsters are one in two million. 6:08 PM Jul 3, 2022."

Twitter Thread: Ultra Rare Blue Lobster Sighting In Portland Maine

Look at that deep blue color
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Trust Me, Kid...This is Way More Delicious!

Babies ponies birthday lobsters funny - 8001237504

At Least They Have Built-in Shields

lobsters lunch funny swords - 7975639808
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Arise, My Crustacean Brothers, and Fight!

pencil fight lab lobsters - 7934928384

He May Have Us Beat

butter goggie attack lobsters Cats team - 6929067264
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Oh, And They Can Kill You

nature wasps spiders scary lobsters nightmares - 6952704256