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A knight and shining armor is just a click away. Or a guy with a huge Quixotic complex who might go fight windmills. Whatever the case, knights are a classic and unforgettable part of history. So stay in for the knight and fill up on hilarious knight jokes and puns.

Sir Loin of the Round Dinner Table

Beef cows puns knight - 7910208512
Created by Unknown

Sure Saved His Sorry Butt!

horse knight monty python and the holy grail saved - 6426394880
See all captions Created by DJAussie

It Was a Good Fur Day

best of the week conquer Hall of Fame knight squirrel squirrels - 6074764544
See all captions Created by matilda19

Surely, a Noble Knight

animals attack knight shield squirrel - 5368496640
See all captions Created by m1abella