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Man Attempts To Smuggle Dozens Of Parrot Eggs Through Airport Security, Only To Have Them Hatch In The Process, Could Face Up to 20 Years In Jail

He should have been eggs-tra careful
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What's the Word Around the Hamster Wheel?

freedom jail hamster squee - 8363682304
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Don't Look at Me...I'm Ashamed...

lizards jail funny iguana - 8168331008
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I Hope You Like Your Life Behind Bars!

drain funny jail raccoons - 8025193216

He Otter Known Better

weasel jail lawyer otter arrest - 7806336256
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You Gotta Believe Me

jail lion funny - 7706949888

I've Been Set Up!

baby animals jail panda cage didnt eating cookies - 5772435200
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Raccoon Blues

jail raccoon trash can - 6485292544
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Pretty Sure That's Entrapment

cage garbage jail raccoon - 6478408960
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It's a Vicious Cycle

jail prison racoon Sad system - 6454747392
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I've Been Framed!

cage captions innocent jail raccoon - 6447981568
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Technically It Wasn't Even Theirs Anymore

bargaining cage garbage jail raccoon Sad stealing - 6435110912
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Quite the Jam You've Gotten Yourself Into

costume emergency jail puns robbery strawberries - 5234210816
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File under: 'Unrepentant', 'Cute'

animals i has a hotdog jail prison puppies - 5178853888
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Um, I Think I'm Clean Enough Already. Thanks, Though!

ew jail no thanks prison scary showers soap - 5174713600

It's a Long Story

cage jail please raccoon - 6486211072
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