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A TikTok video of a basset dog yelling at his human to make his food faster and 12 funny comments | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a Basset laying inside a cushy cart and watching his human prepare his food 'POV: COOKING YOUR ANCIENT DOG HIS FOOD WHILE HE YELLS AT YOU'

Impatient Senior Basset Yells At His Hooman To Prepare His Food Faster Because He Has No Time To Waste

Senior doggos are the best
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We're In a Hurry

impatient weighing penguins fish - 6754577152
See all captions Created by MJKittyMom

Best Not Get in My Way

impatient coffee beans now coffee eating - 6756457472
See all captions Created by Stinkyray


impatient wait weighing penguins no - 6752679424
See all captions Created by minx120

You're Not Getting Anything Better Out of Me

annoyed happy face impatient monkey smile - 6241420032
See all captions Created by Razuli

Pigeon's Doing the Potty Dance

dance impatient legs pee pigeon toilet - 5980488960
See all captions Created by melemstye