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22 photos of different birds doing awkward things | thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a budgie screaming and one with a duck with a fortune cookie message reading 'The love of your life will appear infront of you unexpectedly'

Well This Is Hawkward: 22 Birds Caught Red Handed Being Awkward

"Is it a plane? Is it a drone? No, it's a BIRD! A BIRD I TELL YOU!"
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30 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - Masayoshi Yamamoto' and 'Cat - Masayoshi Yamamoto' and one comment including 'juping.rurallife: Cuteness overload.'

Are Japanese Cats Cuter Than American Cats? Japanese Photographer Takes Stunning Pictures of Stray Cats In Japan That Might Be The Cutest Thing In The World

If it were up to us, we would have taken them all home. Crazy cat lady here we come!
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hunter find abandoned dog and falls in love

'Kitty & Wild Billy the Kid:' Most wholesome bond blossoms between a rough and tough wilderness man and an abandoned puppy he finds in the woods, goes viral

Yes, this huntsman/fisherman/man who goes and toughs it out in the woods alone, named his new puppy “Kitty.”
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You Ever Hear of a Grocery Store Big Man?!?!?!

raspberry taunting deer hunting - 8332600320
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Looks Like Somebody Found a New Litter Box

lizards hunting Cats - 8279808512
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Is That Bush Sticking His Tongue Out at Me?

elk deer camouflage hunting - 8218353920
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Oh There He is...RUN!

hidden camouflage hunting - 8106518272

Licensed to Kill

donkeys hunting funny puns - 7948799232

So Hidden!

camouflage hunting - 7779045120

Not to Mention Cold Duck

wolves snow cold puns hunting - 7022683904
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The Lion Takes What it Can Get

lions deer hunting Cats - 7013605376
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The Biggest Horror Movie of the Year

scary stalking deer hunting watching - 6987337728
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Then...Then, That Means....

bunnies looney tunes scared hunting season rabbits - 6933496064
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bigger chasing food chain deer hunting Cats - 6909257216
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note to self grass deer advice hunting derp season - 6791550720
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Gotta Pay the Bills Somehow

disappointed scale owls sigh hunting flying - 6761374208
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