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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "Thought I had a picky eater. Turns out, he just doesn't like eating out of a bowl,  We've had a rescue dog about 3 months. He's always been sort of a picky eater, and he'd take mouthfuls of food to eat away from his bowl. He eventually just stopped eating all together. After ruling out illness, we started trying different foods, additives, timing, etc. Nothing really helped."

Picky Doggo Refuses To Eat Out Of Bowl, Teaches Human Valuable Lesson About Random Quirks Possessed By Dogs

Silly goose- we mean dog!
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Good Job, There, STYD Bunny! I Lost ten Pounds Already!

diet stealing helpful eating bunny cookies - 6685310720
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I'd Even Call it Essential

i-dont-know chameleon lizard helpful - 6587117824
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Slightly Riskier than Pug Screen Cleaner

baby cleaning helpful jaguar screen - 6162404608
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Don't Scream, I'm Just Trying to Help

car dropped helpful lion misunderstood wait wave - 6166883584
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