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21 pictures of animals and text | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Bird - My school hatched some ducklings. They are only a week old. Very photogenic. 57' and 'Rodent - Not everyone may agree, but I really think this belongs here (not OC)'

Cute Critters for Your Workday Woes: 21 Epically Adorable Animal Pics from Around the Animal Kingdom

Sometimes you just need some cute pics to get through the day
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'This little piggy got an ultrasound': Chonky Guinea Pig Goes to the Vet Because of a Pregnancy Scare and the Results are Adorable

Is she pregnant or is she just thicc?
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guinea pig loves to watch the fishes in the tank

Sweetest Guinea Pig Loves Her Fishies So Much She Squeaks Until She Is Picked Up and Shown the Fish Tank

Find you a partner that looks at you the way this guinea pig looks at the fishes in her fish tank.
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cute guinea pig Video - 73091329

Guinea Pigs Can Swim and It Looks Like They Love the Pool

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Saturday Snack Time Forever

cute animal gif guinea pig eating snacks
Via uduki
guinea pig Video - 70307841

Cosmic Guinea Pig Ponders Life's Big Questions

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When You Just Have to Dance

animals guinea pig dance - 8415604480
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More Like Jerkalope

ear guinea pig jerk bunny - 8386947584
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No good. Now I Can't Hear Who I'm Spying On

disguise guinea pig trick - 8385922560
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Why Are You Looking at Me Funny?

animals costume hot dog guinea pig - 8385842176
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Deal With It Roomba Bots

animals hair roomba guinea pig noms - 8380491264
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Though There Seems to be Little Room Left For Ice Cream

ice cream guinea pig prize - 8369247488
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Guineas Gonna Pig

skateboarding haters gonna hate guinea pig - 8365488384
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Behold! The Ferocious, The Terrifying...

guinea pig squee smile - 8362201344
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I Guess They're Testing a New Swimming Technique

guinea pig swimming - 8269504512
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Just Your Average Gamer Pig

cute video game guinea pig - 7875064320
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