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10 reddit text images, puppy debacle | thumbnail blue background "I (f19) and partner ( m20) are expecting a baby girl in early May. We are currently working on moving to a different apartment and the property allows pets. My partner and I are both dog people and love animals  I've told him I WILL NOT BE CARING FOR THE DOG IF HE DECIDES TO BRING IT HOME. He tried to reassure" me by saying. " All you'd have to do is keep the dog alive while im at work" ( he works 10-12 hours a day)"

Delusional Dude Can Not Respect His Pregnant Girlfriend's Wishes Not To Adopt A Puppy After The Birth Of Their Child

Somebody give this guy a slap in the reality button
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Glamour Toad

animals toad girlfriend funny captions - 8532853504
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Gimme a Little Peck on the Cheek

Cats cute friends girlfriend kitten parrots - 7933176320
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Forever Alone

forever alone stuffed animal meerkat girlfriend funny - 7646487808
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Whatever Floats Your Boat I Guess

cute date fox girlfriend hot love - 6016894720
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animals girlfriend hot sexy - 5817347072
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Lookin' Good to Me!

class act classy girlfriend historic lols posing vintage woman - 5255763968
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Don't Push Me! I'm a Very Jealous Man!

actors celeb crazy girlfriend puppets roflrazzi - 5047800576
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