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11 brain games for dogs | thumbnail image of dog approaching toy "11 brain games to make your dog happier"

11 Brain Games To Improve Your Dog's Happiness And Health

Let's get our doggos stimulated
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Kids All Over Play That Game

fish kids games lava - 8326855424
See all captions Created by MSchreff

The Joys Of Motherhood

games bears the floor is lava - 8322440704
Via kawasaki kirsten

Well, it is the Desert

funny games goats - 8158570496
Via hugelol

And I'm Gonna Hide it in This Trunk

cute elephants games trunk - 7898029568

He Can't Bear to Watch It

games sports bear football - 7792763904
See all captions

But What Should We Call It?

games geese ducks - 6991258368
See all captions Created by shanebc01

Maybe It's Musical Hide And Seek You're Playing

games hide and seek deer confused musical derp - 6787140608
See all captions Created by AngelAndz

Birdie Games

tag bird games youre-it flying grabbing - 6588586752
See all captions Created by CapMan007

And This One Doesn't Limit Himself to Pigs

angry birds bird games hungry parakeet phone seeds - 6016668672
See all captions Created by BigDaddyZebracakes

Then It's a Party

fun games Party scared scream window zebra - 6045384192
See all captions Created by hangrygirl

Expert Level Play

best of the week floating flying games ground Hall of Fame jumping llama llamas play the floor is lava - 6014122496
See all captions Created by cratchmaster

Misunderstood Shark: Not As Fun By Myself

alone beach games Marco Polo meme Sad shark - 6027714304
See all captions Created by 69TrollFace69

They Look So Much Cuter in the Game...

angry angry birds beaks birds games IRL real life - 5940555520
See all captions Created by Walkingdeadfan661

Isn't That a Game for Old People?

fun game games Pundit Kitchen wtf - 5343933696
See all captions Created by cmdecker

This Is How You Play the Game When You're an Only Child

animals cute games I Can Has Cheezburger otters - 5271350016
See all captions Created by eeveepichu
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