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25 pictures of animals and text | Thumbnail includes one picture including 'Water - FLOATY POTATO made on imgur'

25 Animals Majestically Renamed By Jokers On The Internet

Steve Irwin has a special place in his heart for sea flap-flaps (too soon?)
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23 screenshots from a Reddit thread about funny dog names | Thumbnail includes 'What are some of the best dogs names that have ever crossed your path?! [Discussion] I might be biased, but I love my dog's name. I didn't pick it. His name is Harrison. He's hairy and my son. I was walking by and I hear "Peter, come inside". Fully expecting to see a kid run inside. But no, it was a German Shepard. Made me laugh so hard. A shelter near me had a dog named Rectangle. I'll never forget it'

Redditors Came Up With The Best And Funniest Names For Your Dogs

If you don't know what to name your dog, this one's for you
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